Hilarious take on typical adventure

Hilarious take on  typical adventure

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Ruben A. Perez, Reporter

By Ruben A. Perez



DC Pierson is back with his newest novel “Crap Kingdom” and it is hilarious.  “Crap Kingdom” is a take on the classic tale of going to a mythical land and finding out you are the only hope to save the kingdom. This isn’t your usual fairytale though.

Tom Parking isn’t the usual tormented kid but still wants to be the hero in some strange kingdom.

Unfortunately he’s just too normal and lives too regular of a life to have something that special happen to him.  However he does find himself as the chosen one of a not-too-exciting place.

The portal to this world is a used clothing donation bin in a Kmart parking lot. Everyone including the king seems to just be content on being depressed and the princess likes to wear fake mustaches.

This book is absolutely hilarious.  I was literally on the second page when I started laughing.

“Crap Kingdom” is a young adult novel that’s 300 pages but it’s a pretty easy read and one that you’re not going to want to put down.

It’s a great  read for casual  and eager readers alike. Read it and you won’t regret it.

5/5 stars