NBA 2K14 more of the same as the previous one, with some extra LeBron

Jason Reed, Reporter

2K sports recently released the fifteenth edition of the their basketball video game, NBA 2K14. Every year I find myself anticipating the newest release of this basketball game and no matter how much I complain about the game, I’m still going to play it and enjoy it.
NBA 2K14 featured five new game features including Lebron’s “Path to Greatness”. Path to Greatness is about the journey it took for Lebron to win the NBA Finals in the 2012-2013 NBA season. I’m not much of a fan of a game mode being based on one player when the game has 30 teams and over 400 players. That’s what I expected with Lebron being one of the producers of the game and adding his input. I have to say that I admire his taste in music, being the music curator of the game and of having the best soundtrack since NBA 2K11.
Another feature that stood out to me was the new “Dynamic living roster”. With an online connection it allows the game to keep track of players attributes and tendencies reflecting hot and cold streaks in real life. So the pickup game you play against someone can have an effect on how the player you choose performs, judging on how that player or team is doing in real life.
I believe that 2K did a good job with this feature because the games are more competitive. For an example, when I first play a sports video game I put the game on the easiest game level to get a feel for the game before playing someone. When I put the game level on rookie I beat the San Antonio Spurs with the Miami Heat by a score of 59-56.
Beside the new game features and new players there really isn’t any difference between NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K13. The graphics and game design are the same. With the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 coming out next month, it’s not hard to see that the people of 2K Sports didn’t focus on putting an effort into the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of NBA 2k14.
2of5 stars