App Review, SWEET 16’s app for songwriters

Elias C. Ahumada, Reporter

SWEET 16’s for songwriters is the first mobile app that caters to hip-hop and R&B artists. After a recent review, I have found that the songwriting app, which is available on Google Play and Amazon, is one of a kind.
Raphael Cohen, owner and lead developer of Red LaGoon Studios, has emphasized, “The app is updated regularly,” and “is currently running on version 2.8.5.”
SWEET 16’s popularity is growing in the U.S. among hip-hop and R&B artists with hundreds of downloads monthly, but the most impressing part has been the 16’s ability to garner worldwide attention. Artists from countries in Europe, Africa, and South America are now downloading SWEET 16’s as well. One feature contributing to their global awareness is SWEET 16’s urban dictionary, which stores thousands of words, both slang and professional.
When asked what inspired him to develop SWEET 16’s, Cohen said, “I was in a recording studio with my boys and watched them as they wrote their songs on their Blackberrys and other smart phones.
“I realized there wasn’t really a professional songwriting application that allowed artists to structure and organize songs.”
One cool new feature offered by SWEET 16’s is the full-screen view. This allows the songwriter to have complete control of their lyrics by eliminating any unwanted buttons on the main screen.
“It’s a very simple function, but a very popular one,” added Cohen. He has implemented the Sprint LG “double tap” functionality, in which a lot of fast options can be opened up by double tapping the screen, eliminating several button touches in the process.
So, what can hip-hop artists gain from SWEET 16’s? “It’s not just rappers and R&B artists that can save, organize and share their lyrics,” stated Cohen. “All artists from rock ’n’ roll, punk, spoken word, or some other form of poetry, if you’re a songwriter. I think you can have fun with SWEET 16’s and organize your work simultaneously.”
The inApp media player allows artists to compose songs while listening to instrumentals. “They don’t have to keep going in and out of the app to switch instrumentals,” he said.
The instrumentals are also set up in a looped manner that permits the artist to get in their zone when they are writing lyrics.
The sleek auto-scroll feature allows the songwriter to go thumb-less when reading their lyrics. Set the beats per minute and the text will scroll down in a karaoke-like pattern.
Got twitter or any social media site? You’re in luck, the songwriters’ lyrics and versus can be shared on any social media platform that’s installed on their device.
“This is the best songwriters’ app on the market,” as quoted by Maria Romero, aka Lady Mcee, a recent 16’s user. The mobile app seems to be satisfying plenty of songwriters from California to Texas, and the U.S. to Europe. SWEET 16’s seems to get the job done for songwriters on the go. Shout out to north Philly for the incomparable mobile app

5 Stars