Food Review, Easy, but luxurious dining

Amber Hayden

Trina Goree, Reporter

ChipsNSalsa1Viva… comida Mexicana!
Mexican cuisine has long been a favorite of mine. There is a saying in the
Mexican culture, “que rico,” which roughly translates to “how delicious.”
This statement could not be truer in regard to the food I encountered at Chips & Salsa Mexican Grill, located at 4761 Planz Road, in the southwest area. The restaurant opens at 10:30 a.m. daily.
Chips & Salsa has all the traditional dishes that one would expect, but the way the eatery operates is uniquely it’s own. Chips & Salsa offers the luxury of dining in and offers the convenience of a drive-thru, which has a weather protection portion at the food hand-off area.
A first of mine that I experienced at Chips & Salsa was a flauta, meaning flute. It is a rolled flour tortilla, deep-fried and filled with your choice of meats. On this occasion, I opted for beef. According to the menu, a flauta cost $2.95. I decided to order a combo that included three flautas, rice, beans, and a side of guacamole and sour cream. The three-item flauta combo costs $8.95. There is also a one or two item version available.
I highly recommend going and making flautas part of your order.
Another delicious treat is their fish tacos. I ordered two and could have easily eaten another order of two. The tacos are made by topping two corn tortillas, with a big chunk of sea bass fish, cabbage, salsa, and a unique sauce that compliments the fish. The fish tacos, as well as, the shrimp tacos cost $3.50.
I also ordered their chips and salsa, which was a visual treat that I found unique. Instead of the traditional monotone chip, these were bright and mixed with green and red colored chips. For those over 21, I thoroughly enjoyed the beer and wine portion of the menu, my favorite, wine, is sold by the glass, at $3.50. Beer is sold by the bottle, domestic goes for $3.50 and imported will run you $3.95.
Chips and Salsa also does a Sunday Brunch, which starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. The Sunday Brunch buffet offers 10 items, desserts, and much more. The adult buffet is $9.95 and kids eat for $5.95.
I found that not only was the food physically satisfying, but visually as well. That is a rare idly in the fast-pace world we live in.
Chips & Salsa is another new hot spot for me, and I encourage all to visit. The eatery is very inviting and the people are engaging in every sense. Even as you walk up to the restaurant you hear the sounds of Mexican music, which transported me, if only for a moment, to the beaches of Mexico, visited some time ago. This is where a favorite eatery of mine is located and Chips and Salsa can hold its own in regard to the cuisine.