From book to big screen, ‘Gone Girl’ a must watch

Trina Goree, Reporter


Amy Dunn is one twisted psychopathic bitch. Oh, and did I mention a wife as well?

The highly anticipated movie depiction of the popular book titled “Gone Girl” by author Gillian Flynn came out over the weekend.

“Gone Girl” premiered nationwide Oct. 3, and I was among the eager individuals who had to be the first to watch the film, starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and Carrie Coon.

Amy Dunn (Pike), daughter to a famous author, is married to Nick Dunn (Affleck), a Missouria native, and all is well in the beginning. The married couple is determined not to be “like all the other married couples” out there.

That determination soon dies fast, and the couple enters a tough patch in the marriage. Both Amy and Nick lose their jobs in the big city, New York, and the spark that ignited the marriage seems to be quickly fading.

Adding to that, Nick’s mother is now sick and the couple decides to move to Missouri to help aid Nick’s fading mother and find a new start to rekindle the marriage.

One morning Nick is with his sister Margo Dunn (Coon) at a local bar they jointly own, and a neighbor summons him home. Nick quickly finds out that his wife is missing. The media gets a hold of the information and his missing wife’s disappearance turns into a national “who done it” story.

The over two-hour-long gritty suspense film is worth the wait to find out whether the husband, sister, former lover turned stalker, or someone totally unexpected had some part in the disappearance of Amy Dunn.

The film also had highly anticipated nude scenes with Neil Patrick Harris and Ben Affleck. Harris’ scene is what one would expect in hearing of a nude scene while Affleck’s full frontal is more like a quick flash. And don’t you worry gentlemen; one can definitely count on the highly revered boob scene.

The film had me on the edge of my seat in shock, in a good way, mouth wide open as the mystery to Amy Dunn’s disappearance became more and more revealed. I encourage all Bakersfield College students to watch “Gone Girl” directed by David Fincher. The film will give you clues on what to avoid in the world of love and marriage.


Five stars