PizzaRev allows customers to create their own pizza

Trina Goree, Reporter

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The newest pizza chain to open in Bakersfield is PizzaRev, which was a hit and miss in my experience.

I loved that I was able to take part in crafting my own pizza. The ability to design a pizza with whatever food cravings of the day was extremely satisfying to a foodie like me.

The idea of crafting your own pizza also gave me, and would give the not so adventurous person the option to try items you otherwise would not. Although I am a foodie, I had yet to experience trying one of the item toppings that is synonymous with pizza, anchovies. Thanks to the unique experience PizzaRev offers to patrons one can try a topping that will not ruin your entire pizza but will limit your hit or miss to just one slice.

Back to anchovies they were not as off putting as I had imagined but on the same hand it is probably not something that will be making the cut on my next pizza.

I also loved the healthy and alternative items PizzaRev had for individuals who choose to live a healthier lifestyle or have allergies that are beyond their control. No matter your eating preferences no one is discriminated against at the restaurant.

I loved the atmosphere the restaurant offered. The décor gives the allusion of being in a mom and pop, hole in the wall, pearl of a restaurant when you actually are in a franchised establishment. PizzaRev also offers the patron the opportunity to dine outside in a lovely setup that includes a fire pit.

I did not like that both restaurants are located in the same side of town making it a trek for anyone on the opposite side of town.

I also disliked the fact that for $8.25 a side of ranch was not complimentary. Ranch will run you an additional .50 cents per serving. You also have to pay separately for a beverage. Let’s talk dessert.

Although I heard the Oreo dessert pizza is fantastic I hated the cake truffles. I had both the Triple Chocolate Truffle and Red Velvet Truffle; both tasted awful. They were pasty and without flavor. When I think chocolate I think rich and decadent and these were not. Cake truffles, it was more like cake trash.

Yes, emotions were mixed, very much so. BC students are welcomed to be their own judge and jury in deciding whether or not PizzaRev is for them.

The two PizzaRev restaurants are located on 10500 Stockdale Highway and 5419 Gosford Road.

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