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Eminem’s latest album shows the rappers skills are lyrically flawless

Rhiannon Stroberg, Reporter

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Eminem’s eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP2, which spawned popular hits such as “Rap God,” “Headlights,” “Berzerk,” and “The Monster,” it is a brilliantly written sequel to 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP.

In this album, Eminem delves back into the twisted darkness that resides within the lyrics of the first album that won the sadistic hearts of rap fans 15 years ago.

In the song “Bad Guy,” Eminem mentions Matthew Mitchell, who was also featured in the first album as the younger brother to the Eminem crazed fan, Stan. The song “Stan” is about an obsessive fan who constantly wrote letters to Eminem’s persona Slim Shady and after feeling like him and his brother were ignored at a show, as well as getting no response in the eight months he had been writing Slim Shady, Stan goes crazy and drives off a bridge with his pregnant girlfriend tied up in the trunk. By the time Slim Shady writes back, it was too late. In “Bad Guy,” Matthew is back to seek revenge on Eminem for being the reason behind Stan’s death and also for ignoring Matthew, acting as if him and Stan never existed. The hate-filled song is about a vengeful man whose past taunts him and he is hoping to send a message to Eminem to let him know that Matthew hasn’t forgotten what Eminem put Stan and himself through. Matthew also plots to kill Eminem.

The album tends to mention Eminem’s success, his arrogance, and how he stays successful in songs “Rhyme or Reason” and “Rap God”.

It also shows Eminem’s bitterness towards women and love that is showcased in the song “So Much Better” and the song “Love Games” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

The song “Legacy” reflects on Eminem’s childhood in which he thought he was weird and how he was able to find his legacy through rapping. The self-empowered song towards himself is showing him that regardless of any issues he has been through, rap has been able to let him release his anger and help him get through it. The song “Asshole” is self-explanatory towards Eminem. He is aware that because of him and his alter ego’s sexist, homophobic, hateful lyrics, and people believe him to be an asshole.

“Berzerk” is mainly about cranking up hip-hop music and letting go to the music, while “Brainless” is about his mom telling him that if he had a brain it’d be dangerous because of how clever he is even though he feels as if there’s a vacant, empty void in his skull.

In the song “Stronger Than I Was”, Eminem sings and raps in the perspective of his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, in which it mentions how the on/off again relationship between the two made her stronger than she was before because she was able to realize that she deserved better. It also displays how much she loved him but it shows the reality of what her life really was like. She was able to get herself together to prove that she could be better than she once was during their relationship.

The widely known song “Monster,” featuring Rihanna, is about accepting the demons that may plague ones life, as well as understanding what the voices in ones head is saying. It is also about the voice inside his head, as well as the creation known publicly as his vulgar, sexists, and offensive alter ego Slim Shady.

“So Far…” is basically about how good life has treated him so far, especially since he has had a successful career. He expresses that Detroit is the motivation to keep him going and because of that, he doesn’t want to leave the town that made him who he is today.

The most emotional song of the album would have to be “Headlights” featuring Nate Ruess, the front man of the pop band Fun. In the song Eminem is making a public apology to his mother, whom he had slammed throughout his career in previous albums lyrics such as “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” “My Name Is,” “My Mom,” and countless other songs. Eminem also explains how the hate-filled song, “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” aimed towards her makes him sick to his stomach and that he no longer plays the song at shows. Eminem forgives his mother for all the past problems he went through as a kid and teen.

The last song “Evil Twin” is about Slim Shady. Eminem states that Marshall Mathers is tamer then his made up character that tends to slam other artists as well as actors and actresses.

Overall, the album is clever. With genius lyrics from the rap God himself, it’s no wonder both albums, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Marshall Mathers LP2, received a Grammy award for Best Rap Album. Eminem is a well-received artist who although he established himself at a young age, he has lived up to his potential.

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  1. Stella on February 25th, 2015 6:34 pm

    I love Eminem. MMLP2 is really great b/c all the songs connect back to the first MMLP

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Eminem’s latest album shows the rappers skills are lyrically flawless