New England Patriots the best NFL dynasty of all-time

Daniel Ojeda, Contributing Editor

Move over 49ers and Steelers, step aside Seahawks, there’s a new team that has shown beyond a doubt that they are the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots have managed to achieve greatness on a consistent basis at a time while remaining a top team in the NFL is harder than ever.

As a result they deserve and should receive recognition for the best run the NFL has ever seen.

With a fourth Super Bowl win on Feb. 1, the Patriots have put together a run of success that surpasses what Terry Bradshaw did with the Steelers or what Joe Montana did with the 49ers.

It’s not just that Belichick has more postseason wins than any other coach or that Brady won his third Super Bow MVP while playing in his record sixth Super Bowl but the Patriots have been doing it during a time of unrestricted free agency and a salary cap era.

A salary cap and free agency means you simply cannot keep all of your best players for years at a time the way those great Steelers, Cowboys and 49ers team used to do it.

The NFL today has made it all but impossible for teams to stay on top while trying to create parity around the league.

But think about everything the Patriots have done since Brady became the starting quarterback in 2001: the Patriots have appeared in six Super Bowls and won four while losing two on two impossible to recreate catches. They’ve had a winning record for 14 consecutive seasons and the Patriots have had the only 16-0 regular season in NFL history. Nine of those seasons the Patriots made it to the conference championship and they’ve made the playoffs 11 of the last 12 years (the only year missed was a year Brady was lost for the season with a knee injury). But they still went 11-5 that year, keeping the consistent Patriots the best franchise in football.

Even the Patriots’ opponent the Seahawks, who have made two consecutive Super Bowl appearances, had a rough patch of four straight losing seasons before this run of success. That’s the way the NFL works; you can’t stay a top team for a decade or more.

Unless you’re like the New England Patriots, a team that has found a way to do it and remain consistent winners like no other team in the history of this great league.

Making this ongoing run even more impressive is that except for a handful of players, the Patriots have been in a steady state of change with a carousel of running backs, receivers, and defensive backs shuffling in and out.

The NFL is a rugged sport played by the tough and the fearless. There is no other way to play but the Patriot way. Get with it or you’re gone, there’s no room for nonsense or diva tantrums. This had made the Patriots the most successful dynasty in NFL history.

Embrace what you’re seeing because we are witnessing the best of all time.