The movie you’ll love to hate

Mason J. Rockfellow, Reporter

First off all the bashing and negative publicity that this movie and book have been getting is ridiculous and unnecessary.

I have not read the book and I’m sure many things that were probably important to the story were left out of the movie.

“50 Shades of Grey” the movie where I was the only male in the movie theater who was not accompanied by someone else. The rest of the audience were groups of women, single women, or couples, but about 90 percent of the audience were women.

With that being said, the movie in general, I thought, was put together pretty well cinematically. The music choice for the movie seemed fitting and well planned out, it really helped set the mood in some of the scenes.

Now with the aspect of the sex in this movie, well it’s definitely not going to be every one’s cup of tea, but there are some people who engage in these activities. It doesn’t just start out with Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele with them engaging in these odd sexual activities, it builds up to it.

There is quite a bit of sex in the movie, but nothing really that bad, he tied her up, blindfolded her, spanked and whipped her a bit. Nothing ever made her bleed, at least not that the movie showed.

The thing is that she was okay with all of it until one of the last scenes, but she had asked for it, and then left afterward. She had told Grey to show her the worst of him and he did. Grey tells her throughout the movie that she doesn’t have to do any of the things he asks and can leave, but she never leaves.

Now on the topic of Christian Grey, he is not a normal person but extremely far from it. He is also a billionaire in his late twenties. Throughout the movie he shows up out of nowhere and unannounced, now that’s a little creepy and obsessive. He seems to care about her yet he is asking her to sign a contract to pretty much be his sex slave and to follow a bunch of life controlling rules. One of those rules is that she cannot sleep in the same bed with Grey.

Grey is the one with the unusual sexual desires and obsessions. About half way through the movie they give a short explanation for why Grey has these desires, which is due to a relationship he had with one of his mom’s friends when he was younger.

As far as Anastasia Steele goes, she is a horny college graduate, who is also a virgin. She lets Grey take her virginity, then she finds out that Grey has some different ideas of pleasure. Even after finding out about Grey’s views on pleasure and being given a contract to agree to and sign, she still sticks around, now that just seems like too much. Even after going over the ridiculous contract and not signing it she still sticks around for Grey and continues to follow his orders, I would’ve been long gone as soon as someone whipped out a contract.

As far as the whole movie, it wasn’t too painful to sit through and watch. As far as sex, it’s definitely another side of it.