Liam Neeson changes it up in his new movie


Marcus Castro, Reporter

Liam Neeson in “Run All Night” plays another hero with a bit of a twist to his character.

“Run All Night” is a film about a man named Jimmy Conlon, played by Neeson, who is a scumbag that does not talk to his son, Michael Conlon, played by Joel Kinnaman.

Jimmy worked for his friend, Shawn Maguire, played by Ed Harris, but now is a drunk who beats himself up for all the terrible things he has done.

A long story short, Michael was at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed Shawn’s son, Danny Maguire, played by Boyd Holbrook, shoot a person. The situation got sticky and ended in a result of Shawn wanting Jimmy and Michael dead. Michael and Jimmy must work together, even though Michael hates Jimmy, to survive.

As I was walking into Maya Cinemas, I had low expectations for this film. To my surprise, I left the theater happy because the movie I watched was actually good.

Not have watched the trailer for the film, I thought it was going to be another movie where Neeson plays an average to good guy who kicks ass.

In this film, he did play a guy who kicks ass, but he was not a good person. He was in fact a terrible person that had a lot of making up to do. Even though he played a scumbag, I still found myself rooting for him the whole movie.

The acting as a whole was good. There wasn’t a moment where I thought that an actor didn’t portray the emotion of their character well.

The filming of the movie was also good. There were scenes that had an unorthodox way of being filmed. The transitions between scenes were different, and I enjoyed it.

If you are an over-critical person, I say don’t watch this movie. For the rest of you who aren’t, I suggest that you do watch it.