Best cell phone carrier is Verizon

Carl E. Littleberry Jr., Reporter

From someone with Verizon wireless as his carrier, I can honestly tell you it is by far the best wireless service out there. Better than Sprint with its hidden fees, and don’t even get me started on those lackluster Boost and Metro PCS services. They are a joke.

Don’t get me wrong I have had all of these carriers and they all offer fine services. Sprint has some of the lowest charges for their plans and the new phones they come up with are always very stylish and fashionable.

Even Metro and Boost offer you an affordable plan with at least marginal service. However, my one big problem with these three carriers over Verizon would have to be their customer service.

Customer service itself is huge for me considering I break at least two to three phones a year. I need a great customer service set-up that is quick, easy and has agents who are prepared to help me completely.

I do not like to have to be transferred to other departments unless its necessary, and I will tell you that’s all places like Boost and Metro seem to want to do.

I spend more time trying to tell an automated call-service my social security number and phone number than I do talking on the phone most times.

It can literally get ridiculous considering how long it even takes to get an actual human to talk to you, which can run from five minutes to half an hour.

Since all phones are really supposed to be used for keeping in contact, I don’t see the point of the numerous upgrades in phones as well. Phones were originally just meant for emergency contact or quick conversations. So why does it even matter what carrier you have? They all do the same things for the most part.

Most phones come with cameras and 4G data services nowadays. The only real differences are the available apps. I’m still saying if you have a choice go with Verizon, however Metro, Boost or even Sprint wouldn’t be a bad choice, considering all phones do the exact same things.