Opinion: “Gentefied” premiers on Netflix

Dunia Cantu, Reporter

“Gentefied” tells the story about a Mexican American family in Los Angeles trying to fight the gentrification that is happening to their Boyle Heights neighborhood.

Gentrification is when wealthy people come into poor neighborhoods to buy buildings and renovate them to make them look nicer. So, that they can pull more people in with money.

Before it premiered on Netflix it was a web series. That was created by Marvin Bryan Lemus who was born and raised in Bakersfield. Netflix picked it up and released it on Feb.21.

Even though they are related, the four main characters in the story have different backgrounds. Casimiro Morales (Joaquin Cosio) also known as “Pops” is the owner of a taqueria called Mama Fina’s. Morales is the grandfather of Chris (Carlos Santos), Erik (Joseph Julian Soria), and Ana (Karrie Martin) who are cousins.

Not only do you see the struggle of these four main characters, but as well as some of the side characters in the show.  One of the side characters is Javier Fernandez (Jamie Alvarez) who is a mariachi. Fernandez has to decide if the life of mariachi is worth it or to pack up and leave with his son to Bakersfield and work with his brother.

Chris is an upcoming chef trying to pursue his dream of going to cooking school in Paris. Erick has been working at Mama Fina’s for so long that when Chris comes into the picture tension rises.

As for Ana her struggles of being a Mexican American queer woman trying to get her art known, but going against her beliefs will have her questioning if it is all worth it.

Since Lemus is the creator of “Gentefied” there is a lot of references to Bakersfield in the show. There is even an episode called “The Grapevine.” Throughout the show, the characters do throw jokes around about Bakersfield.

“Gentefied” is honestly written well. It makes you feel like you can relate to some of the issues that these characters are going through. Especially if you are Mexican American it hits a bit more, but still, everyone can relate to this show in some way.

Hopefully, there will be a season two because it leaves with a cliff hanger. Leaving the fate of the taqueria in the question of what will happen.