Mulan remake is a letdown

Hector Morales, Reporter

Disney Plus just released the new live-action Mulan movie onto Disney plus on Sept. 4th. Customers had to pay an additional amount of $30. The Movie is set to be released to the public for free on Dec. 4.
There were so many changes in this version of Mulan compared to the beloved 1998 animation. To dive into them, the story is first introduced to a young Mulan practicing her staff skills in an empty field with her father narrating about the great warrior she is. We can already tell that this version is very somber and different from the 1998 film. The writers decided to scratch Grandmother Fa and gave Mulan a sister named Hua Xiu. They are exact opposites of each other, like the yin and yang. We are shown that Mulan is the black sheep of her family for showing interest in fighting and not being a typical transitional woman.
It has the same plotline of the original flim, but we are also given a new Villain, named Chi, and a new twist to the story. Chi is a powerful force, but some have greater strength in the power, such as Mulan. The new villain Xianniang. Xianniang helps Shan Yu in his quest to murder the Chinese Emperor. Spoiler Alert: At one point, Xianning tries to convince Mulan to join her and Shan Yu. Disney tried to elevate the story by adding in these two elements.
It cannot be ignored that Mushu or any musical numbers are not this film. Mushu was a great comedic relief in the original film. I think Disney made a huge mistake by cutting out his character. We also see two new characters who replace Li Shang. Although, we can still hear the instrumentals of the songs playing in certain scenes of the movie, which provides a nostalgic and uplifting feeling. I just wish that we were able to have some comedic relief in this film.
This film is more dramatic and more somber than what we usually are used to in a Disney movie. I think Disney tried to expand its variety with their child-friendly content but chose the wrong movie for it. In my opinion, if Mulan were not originally first an animated movie and the live action was introduced as a new movie this year, I am pretty sure that it would be a hit with everyone.
All in all, I think Mulan was good but disappointing to fans. Disney tried to focus more on Mulan’s story and her arch more, which is wonderful. But personally, I would have loved to laugh at parts in this movie instead of feeling serious the whole movie. I think Disney should take this as a lesson so fans can be satisfied with their expectations.