Meghan Trainor widens artistic horizons with fourth album “Takin’ it Back”

Jocelynn Landon, Reporter

Singer songwriter Meghan Trainer released her fourth studio album “Takin’ it Back” on Oct. 21,  and let me just say that it will for sure have you dancing to the music. 

I’m “Takin’ It Back” to some history of Meghan Trainor and the inspiration of the album, which is all about loving yourself. In an interview with Rolling Stones earlier this year, Trainor told the publication that this album was going to be all about her reflections on being a mother, marriage and how she navigated her confidence over these past years. 

It started off with a “Sensitive” vibey song that has you listening to every hook, and next it leads into “Made You Look” that became a TikTok dance trend. 

In this album you get her traditional doo-wop style, music that is rhythm and blues, yet this time you also get very raw and emotional music. 

For example, in “Don’t I Make It Look Easy” Trainor opened up about her relationship with social media. Stating in the song “You won’t ever see me cry…I got a filter for every single lie.” In this song she exposed how the media made her feel and the things that she does in order to cope. 

Trainor “Shook” it up with the songs in this album. From explicitly talking about sex, to really captivating how she felt, and may still feel, at different parts in her life. 

Over the 16 songs that were placed in the album, they are all so different and evoke a different feeling from what we have heard in previous albums of hers. I like that she added back in her famous style of music, while also adding in new styles that are a lot softer. 

One of the most shocking songs to me was “Mama Wanna Mambo” as she added a major twist in the middle with the Hispanic style music.  

It isn’t a favorite of mine, but I think it’s quite interesting and unique. You can tell that she is exploring her music style and adding in other styles that aren’t traditional when you think of her. 

This album was “Bad For Me” because it’s all I can listen to. Overall, the style and the words meshed really well together. Everything flowed well together, and I never knew what to expect. 

Get ready to dance, and cry, this album is filled with songs that will bring a smile to your face and tears in your eyes.