Review: “Wednesday” wows

Blake Burton, Editor

“Wednesday” is a new show based on the popular 1991 movie “The Addams Family” (and also an old TV show). In this new adaptation “Wednesday” is a comedy/horror show on Netflix created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Wednesday Addams ( Jenna Ortega)  is a unique teenager and has been kicked out of many schools so her parents decide to move to their alma mater school Nevermore Academy where she meets all kinds of people, some friends and some enemies.

In the show she has a roommate named Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) who was a werewolf glam queen. Her room was decorated with rainbows and glitter while Wednesday’s side of the room was dark and gloomy. During the show they had their differences, but by the end they were really good friends.

This show keeps current with the movies with its weird eerie effect to it. In the show, the school that she is attending is in a weird town where unique students like Wednesday are not really accepted. You will be kept at the edge of your seat wanting more. This show is full of excitement ,competition, and even a murder myster.