“Superman & Lois:” Family Values and Prime Time Action

Nic Peter Chavaria, reporter

The CW’s “Superman & Lois” made its long-awaited return with its season 3 debut on March 14th.

Keeping with series tradition and picking right up where season 2 left off, we follow the Kent family and their lives within the fictitious Smallville, Kansas, and the drama as expected for a CW show.

Fans of seasons 1 and 2 have seen quite a few shakeups so far in both the plot/formula of the show and within the major cast itself following Jordan Elsass leaving the role of one of Superman’s sons Jonathan Kent.


The first few episodes had a lot of backpedaling to do in “reintroducing” Jonathan through his new actor Michael Bishop. However, Bishop works great with the other cast members, more importantly, Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, and Alex Garfin who plays his father “Clark Kent,” mother “Lois Lane,” and brother “Jordan Kent” respectively.

The rest of the cast once again deliver solid performances, namely all the teenage stars. Inde Navarratte, who plays “Sarah Cortez,” is a series standout and has great chemistry with all her co-stars, especially Garfin whose characters share an on-again-off-again relationship dynamic. Despite how much the show underutilizes many of them, the secondary characters are also a joy to watch thanks to their actors.

Unfortunately, the show once again devotes too much screentime to the Cortez family, friends of the Kents, and the divorce storyline from season 2. For many fans, this aspect of the show is not only underwhelming but takes away from the focus of Superman and his family.

Although certain plot points may annoy fans of the series, that doesn’t negate the great family dynamic and relationships the show provides. Another highlight of the show is the mature topics covered such as being diagnosed with cancer, having a fallout within your family, and learning to live with your past mistakes.

All in all, season 3 of “Superman & Lois” continues to offer a fun superhero show with enough action, heart, and story to satisfy audience members from the hardcore comic fans, soap opera enthusiasts, and casual viewers all the same.