Renegades win again

Victor Garcia

The Renegades beat L.A. Pierce 49-13 Saturday in a football game that was decided in the first quarter.

BC jumped to a quick lead in the first quarter after a fumble by L.A. Pierce near the goal line.

A couple of plays later, running back Derek Kielkopf ran for a 12-yard touchdown to start the Renegades scoring drive. They never looked back.

The team went on to score six more touchdowns, while Pierce only scored two. There were many penalties throughout the game.

“A lot of penalties, a lot of interruptions. It was a very ragged game. We couldn’t get any continuity going because of the penalties,” said Dallas Grider, Renegade head coach.

Grider also added that the officials should have stopped and talked to both coaches earlier in the game.

“They let it get going pretty long, then they started throwing the flags and getting mad,” he said.

BC Athletics Director Jan Stuebbe called the game sloppy because of all the penalties.

However, linebacker Lyle Furlow said the ‘Gades won by good “execution and focus.”

The leading scorer in Saturday’s game was running back Rickey Herod, who scored three touchdowns. The ‘Gades record is 5-3.

Stuebbe said that because of BC’s three losses, it would be a long shot for the team to make the playoffs.

“If we win the last two, that would be very good,” he said.