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Update: Bakersfield College Athletic Director Jan Stuebbe due to return in March after Dec. 10 stroke

Michael Morrow

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Bakersfield College Athletic Director Jan Stuebbe was supposed to be out until mid-February with unspecified health problems, but when he was spotted at the BC softball and baseball games on Feb. 20, he was asked to confirm his return date and why exactly he was on medical leave.

Stuebbe talked about when he will return and what has kept him away from the athletic department for this semester and throughout most of December.

“On December 10 I had a stroke, so I’ve been off since then, but I will be back in about five weeks. I’m recovering, and I’m doing very well,” said Stuebbe.

In his absence, Sandi Taylor, women’s softball head coach and associate athletic director, has taken over the workload along with Brent Damron, physical education instructor, and Dan O’Connor, dean of math and science. “The program has gone on, and they’ve really stepped up and did a great job of covering supervision. But I’m anxious to get back,” said Stuebbe.

Stuebbe mentioned how hard it is to just stop doing something you love after doing it for such a long period of time.

“Well, the main thing is, I’ve had 37 years . of going, and it was very difficult to just shut it down,” he said. “It was an eye-opener. You go from working 67 hours a week to basically nothing. So I learned a lot about myself. Life goes on, and I found myself basically seeing the bigger picture in life. I also realize that when you get so involved with something, how much I really miss being at Bakersfield College, just working and the relationships.”

Taylor talked about how Stuebbe’s absence has affected her day-to-day workload.

“It’s definitely busier,” Taylor said.

“There just a lot of everyday things that somebody has to do, from approval of facilities to coordinating things with teams going in and out of town.”

Damron talked about the same issues. “He’s the athletic director and the dean, so I don’t have someone right here to bounce stuff off of. Mr. O’Connor, who is the dean, I think he and Sandi Taylor probably are absorbing more of the workload than I am.”

“I’m just available to them. I think those two are dramatically affected,” said Damron.

Jokingly, O’Connor spoke on Stuebbe returning.

“I have a full-time job. The sooner he gets back the better,” said O’Connor.

“The athletic department here is such a big operation. There are just so many details, and so many little things. I’m just trying to help in whatever way I can to kind of keep things afloat until he gets back. There’s no one going to be happier than me when he gets back. “He means a lot to the athletes, the programs, the coaches, and obviously the college,” said O’Connor.

Jeff Chudy, the Renegades head football coach, talked about how much Stuebbe means to the whole athletic department.

“Jan’s been an unbelievable supporter of our athletic program, and he has deep roots in the community and right now we hope for the best for him.

Obviously his health has to be paramount in how things unfold in terms of going to back to work,” said Chudy.

“He’s a guy that we certainly miss and a guy who’s really a true Bakersfield College guy. “We sorely miss him and hope that his health gets back on par, so that he can be out here every day and get back into the heat of the battle. Especially with all the things potentially coming down the road with the economy, we’re going to certainly need his leadership and direction, that’s for sure,” said Chudy.

On that day, Stuebbe was out just enjoying the games after being away from BC for two and a half months.

“I just wanted to get out of the house get over here and come and watch these games,” said Stuebbe.

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Update: Bakersfield College Athletic Director Jan Stuebbe due to return in March after Dec. 10 stroke