BC quarterback returns after injuring collarbone

BC quarterback returns after injuring collarbone

Omar Oseguera

Brian Burrell returns as the starting quarterback for BC. Last year he had 525 passing yards in two games.

Esteban Ramirez, Sports Editor

Last year, Bakersfield College’s starting quarterback, Brian Burrell, was named the starter, but broke his collarbone during a week 3 game against Antelope Valley College.

That made him sit out for the rest of the season, but now that he is 100 percent he wants to help the team bounce back from a 4-6 season.

“I remember hearing it crack when I hurt it, and that it was so painful,” said Burrell. “I also remember when I was on the sidelines, they were trying to take the shoulder pads off, but they couldn’t do it because when you break your collarbone you can’t lift your arm, so they just eventually cut my shoulder pads off.”

Burrell graduated from Bakersfield High School in 2010 and after deciding to go to BC, he then won the starting quarterback position and threw for 525 yards and three touchdowns in his first two games, but in the beginning of the game against Antelope Valley, Burrell hurt his collarbone when he was sacked. After Burrell was hurt, BC went 2-5 for the rest of the year.

He added that what he was most upset about was not getting to play.

“They put a plate and four pins in there, and then I had to wait for that to heal,” he said. “Then I started to do some rehab like build muscle around it. It was tough having to sit out the whole season especially when we struggled last year.

“It just motivated me and made me realize how much I want to play football and do well in football. I’m so anxious to get back out there.

“I’ve wanted to get back out there ever since my collarbone healed up, so it has been like eight months that I’ve waited to get back out there.

“I just want to get back out there and help the team to prove that we’re better than a 4-6 team.

“We’re better as a team, it’s not just me. We’re all good friends out there and love playing together, and we’re really focused this year.”

BC football coach Jeff Chudy commented on Burrell’s progression, and what his return means to the team.

“Brian has worked extremely hard, and he is right back on track to be as good as we have had,” said Chudy. “He is the catalyst of our football team. I think Brian is blessed to have very good athletic skills combined with a great work ethic that you need to be a successful quarterback. Brian has a bright future.”