COLUMN: Changes are best for BC

Esteban Ramirez, Sports Editor

A lot of people at the Bakersfield College season opening football game were against all the changes that were made at Memorial Stadium.

Some didn’t like messing with the tradition by switching sides and others didn’t like all the parking and tailgating changes, but when I first heard about it, the parking wasn’t that big of a deal, and them switching sides to where the press box is at is just better because now I don’t have to go all the way on the other side of the field to talk to the coaches.

I still wondered though, why the change now? But after hearing that it was to benefit the coaches in the press box to communicate better and to not give away their signals, I knew that it was a good reason behind the change. Sure, you’ll have some traditionalists that don’t want to see anything change because they like it how it is, but if it helps the team in anyway shape or form we should welcome the change.

Change is going to happen and if it helps us, why be in denial about it? Just accept it. And really, how many people really were watching the game and saying ‘I don’t care if we’re winning I want it to be back how it used to be,’ I know I wasn’t.

Call me crazy, but when I go to a game I’m usually paying attention to the game not complaining about which side I’m on.

As far as the parking, it’s not something that should be a big annoyance, but after the first couple of games, I think people will get used to it and just act like it’s always been that way.

Getting VIP parking is actually not a bad idea. It’s not something they needed, but it’s a cool idea to give people who paid a little extra a parking spot closer to the stadium.

All these changes can make it a little bit of a hassle especially on the first home games, but these changes are for the better.

So far, I think BC’s athletics director Ryan Beckwith has done a good job accessing what needed to be changed for the better of BC sports.

When change comes to BC I think we can live with these changes, and I don’t think these changes harm our tradition in any way.

If anything, these changes are going to benefit the coaches, and that means the players will also benefit from it.