Men’s tennis team finishes in sixth place

robert mullen, reporter

Men’s tennis played a tournament in Modesto over Feb. 15-16, where they came in sixth of 14. Coach Teri Lynott felt the team did better than they had during their first match, though “The improvement I saw was not on the court, it was off the court. We worked through some issues about preparation and stuff like that, before we go out there to play, and that was good. Even though it wasn’t on the court, it was well worth the experience.”

While the men struggled early on during their first match, Lynott feels confident for the future of the season though she notes it will be a struggle. “We have a very good, strong team, we’re just in a conference where traditionally, if they bring the same teams that they always have, it’s just going to be hard. Every team in our division is extremely good.”

On Feb. 28 the men’s team will host Santa Barbara College, while the women’s team will travel there. March 5 will see the men hosting Ventura with women away. The match set for Feb. 19 against Glendale, which was rained out, has been rescheduled; the women’s match will be March 1 at home and the men will travel to Glendale on March 7.