Taylor earns her 500th victory

Robert Mullen, Reporter

By Robert Mullen


With the end of the 2013 softball season, Coach Sandi Taylor is reflecting on the season and her 500th career win.

Taylor has been the softball coach at BC for 23 years, with eight years before that coaching high school. “It is a big milestone, and I was really happy for this team to be able to get there, so that they could celebrate in it.

Sometimes I think we only put our successes on wins and losses, when the reality is that that’s not what it’s all about,” said Taylor.

Taylor notes that this achievement is not really hers, and in fact is only possible because of the help she has had over the years.

“This milestone is a reflection of all of the kids that have come through here and their time commitment, and my coaching staff.

None of this is possible without them here, and it sounds like a cliché, but I’m just one tiny little part of this whole thing.

It was just fun because we could celebrate the success of BC softball, not of me but of our program.”

Even with the season, and this milestone, under her belt, Taylor says she has still learned a lot from this year. “I think that this team has taught me a lot and reminded me a lot about, what we stand for.

Our integrity, our work ethic; winning takes care of a lot of things but when you don’t feel that for a while you kind of forget, but [the team] reminded me of all the reasons why we do the things the way we do things.

And they’ve shown me that they have a lot of character because it would have been real easy to just throw in the hat and go ‘you know I wish we could just get through this, I’m not going to try that hard, I’m not going to work that hard’ and they never did that.

They played harder in the last three weeks of the season than we played all year long. To play like that, with a win-loss record like we had, it says a lot for them as people.”

While Taylor is waiting for some of the players to have a little time to look back and reflect on the season, she says she’s already gearing up for the next one. “There are a couple of [freshman] key players who are returning, and I’m recruiting like crazy.”

Softball will begin training again in August.