New director is a familiar face

Jason Reed, Reporter

It didn’t take long for Bakersfield College to find a new athletic director after the departure of former athletic director Ryan Beckwith.  BC chose softball coach Sandi Taylor as the interim athletic director for the sports programs.

“I’m enjoying it so far,” Taylor said when asked how things were going in the new position as athletic director.  “There are a lot of challenges but once we get through the cracks of that we’re unaware of, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” she added.

Taylor was the associated athletic director for 17 years. She said filling in as the interim after Beckwith resigned felt like the natural thing to do when she was asked how she got the position and what type of thought process it took to make her decision.

“The biggest challenge really is trying to get caught up with things that we need to get done for the fall,” Taylor said when asked about the early outings for the various teams at the beginning of the school year.

“It kind of feels like we’re just chasing our tail, but it’s starting to come together and get acclimated and get done with what needs to be done for everybody.”

“It’s no question, we’re a team here and when I’m asked to do something, that’s my nature I’m going to step up and do what I need to do to help,” Taylor said when asked what made her want to accept the position and how long it took for her to make up her mind.

“The thought part of it was, because it’s such a big job and my role as the softball coach that was a big decision to step away and start the transition of not being the head coach,” she said. Taylor has been coaching softball for 31 years.  Taylor said going from coach to an administrator is a big change but she’s looking to grow more as someone in the administrative position.

Taylor also talked about the memorial campaign for the new artificial grass on the football field and an upgrade for a new track. She said the program is being handled through the foundation office and will still continue.

“Ryan did a lot of good things here and we hope to build off that,” Taylor said.  “My role now is to get these teams going and we will go from there.”

Taylor said that the support around the campus has been great. She believes people around the athletic department have been understanding and patient with new direction of the athletic department.

“It’s a tough situation,” Taylor said when asked how the school is looking to move forward after its football team was stripped of its state championship and banned from postseason play this season.

“I can’t imagine being a member of our football staff, the players, and the Helmet Club. It’s been a very difficult time. My goal, my hopes is that we work our tails off to be as clean as we can possibly be,” she said. “Our football team is going to get all the support and respect that we can possibly give them.”


Taylor said she would begin her transition out of being the head coach of the BC softball by being the assistant coach this season. She said she doesn’t see herself going back into being the head, but as of this year she will not be the actual coach on the field.

Taylor also stated that she would name two co-head coaches for this year’s season at a later date.