BC men’s golf to tee off

Marcus Castro, Reporter

The Bakersfield College men’s golf team has high hopes for the 2015 season, and with the addition of certain players they are expecting to shine.

The team has been preparing for the season and part of the preparation was the Bakersfield Scrimmage. The scrimmage hosted international players from Great Britain, France, and Sweden.

Jeremy Choi won the scrimmage and was the only one to shoot under par. He is predicted to be the star of the team this season as he has been the past two years.

“He is a very talented young man,” said coach Bob Paillet. “He has a real good chance of moving on and playing at a four year school.”

Choi isn’t the only good player on the team. There are other players who are supposed to do well this season.

Paillet said, “We’ve got a good nucleus of good players. They just have to believe in themselves and go out there and put it in the hole.”

Jerran Walter is a new guy on the team. He is a freshman this year that moved here from Oregon and is expected to do well.

“He’s learning the courses, he likes the game, and he’s going to be a good player,” said Paillet.

P.J. Carmichael played for the team a couple years ago. He decided to return to school and is back on the team. Paillet explained that Carmichael is a good player and has a lot of game.

There were two good players on the team that are no longer eligible to play due to grades. They could have had a positive effect on the team but the team was forced to move on and prepare for the season without them.

As the season picks up, the team is expected to do fairly well. They have high hopes going into every tournament and will walk in there with the mindset of doing their best.

The most recent tournament was the Stanford Invitational on Feb. 2, and the results are posted online at www.therip.com.