Bakersfield College golfer ready for next step


Jeremy Choi has been the leader of the Bakersfield College’s men’s golf team as they trail through a tough season.

Marcus Castro, Reporter

Bakersfield College’s top men’s golfer, Jeremy Choi, continues to look forward in golf as he always has.

“It’s [golf] something I did all my life, and I was good at it. So I just stuck to it,” said Choi.

Choi is currently 20-years old, and he is a sophomore at BC. His major is liberal arts, but his major will change to finances when he transfers to California State University, Bakersfield.

Choi was born in Bakersfield and has lived here his whole life. He learned much of his golfing through his father, and he also gained his talent from being on Centennial High School’s team for all 4 years he was there.

Golfing was something that Choi started doing at a very young age; his parents started to teach him at the age of five.

Around junior high, Choi started to golf competitively. Choi, for the most part, has been one of the best on the teams he has been on.

When asked if he had any golf idols Choi said, “Honestly, there’s this one kid in my league; his names Jonny Hogan. He’s a really dedicated golfer, and he reminds me of my friend, Neil Bautista, who used to play here [BC]. He [Bautista] is also a very dedicated golfer, and that’s something I admire in them.”

During off-season, Choi practices at Riverlakes Golf Course often. This is the course where he shot his all-time record score of 65.

BC men’s golf team is not doing well this year causing Choi to shine even more than he usually does.

Choi said, “I don’t really care about shining out. It’s unfortunate that we don’t win as much as we want to… I’d rather just win as a team. They’re my friends too.”

Choi commented on his teammates saying that they are all individually amazing.

The next step for Choi, after this season, is to play golf for CSUB’s men’s golf team. He doesn’t know where he will go in golf after he’s done playing for CSUB, but he does know that whenever his golf career is done he will be working in finances.

Currently, Choi is preparing to compete in the state championships; his goal is to place in the top 10.

“I don’t expect much because it’s going to be my first time. I just want to play well and have fun,” said Choi.