Two players stand out after tough season


Mason J. Rockfellow

Sophomore center fielder Alex Avila (left) and freshman pitcher Trinidad Lee are two players who have shown great effort throughout the Renegades' softball season, despite a season filled with obstacles.

Mason J. Rockfellow, Reporter

With Bakersfield College’s softball season coming to an end, there are two players who have showed their consistency and effort throughout the season.

Alex Avila: Bakersfield College softball’s center fielder, sophomore Alex Avila, 20, can also hit. Avila started playing T-ball at the age of 6. She said that it wasn’t always so obvious that she would grow up to be playing competitively at a college level.

“When I first started out [Alex’s dad] would catch me in the outfield catching butterflies,” said Avila.

Now, Avila is only 10 hits away from breaking the BC softball record. According to California Community College Association, Avila is ninth overall in hits with 63 hits. Avila also has five home runs, 19 RBIs, 131 at-bats, 23 stolen bases and still has two games to go.

Not only that, she bats left-handed when she was originally batting right.

“I try not to think about hitting, I just do it,” said Avila. “I just try to put the ball in play.”

Avila played four years on varsity at North High; during her time at North she was turned from hitting right-handed to hitting left-handed. She explained that they were up against a tough team and the coach just told her to hit left. Well, she got a hit and it all started from there, along with the help and advice from lefty teammates Brenna Moss and Katie Hoffman.

When asked what motivates and keeps Avila going in softball, she said since her dad and her are close, it’s a nice way of getting in some bonding, and that there is just something about the way softball makes you feel when you make a good play.

It also lets Avila escape for a few hours at a time.

“It’s a getaway from the outside world,” Avila said.

Avila said that in the younger days, playing was more about being social and now it’s still social but the competitive part of the game is definitely shown a lot more at the college level.

“Now our whole team is talented together,” stated Avila. “I have to work hard to keep up with these girls.”

Trinidad Lee: Bakersfield College’s freshman pitcher, Trinidad Lee, 19, has pitched 125.1 innings so far this season, while also getting some time in on the infield. Lee has also hit eight home runs this season leaving her in 18th place overall for home runs, with two games remaining.

Lee started playing softball at the age of 8, and she was also a cheerleader at one point.

Lee played four years of varsity softball at three different schools here in Bakersfield over her high school career. Lee played for Golden Valley her freshman and sophomore year, West High for her junior year and finished off at Ridgeview as a senior.

Lee explained that pitching has always been a back and forth situation during her softball career and doesn’t mind it.

“I like playing on the field and catching,” said Lee.

Lee said that her favorite position to play is pitching and catching is second.

As a freshman, Lee isn’t exactly sure what four-year schools she will look at, but for now she is working on a criminology degree and will just take the rest of the ride how it comes.

“I’m trying to finish here at BC first and then worry about what comes next,” said Lee.

When Lee was asked when she noticed a change in pace or different level of competitive play in softball, she said, “When I started playing travel ball.”

Two things help motivate her to be a softball player, her family and the reassurance that she can go somewhere and do something with her life.

Lee mentioned one more thing that is essential to playing as a team.

“Learn how to play for your teammates too,” said Lee.