BC’s wrestling team in the mix among some of the state’s best

Marcus Castro, Editor in Chief

The Bakersfield College wrestling team found itself near the middle of the pack in its two most-recent tournaments.

BC traveled to Lemoore to compete in the West Hills College tournament on Sept. 26 where there were 17 teams.

BC finished in eighth place with a team score of 57.5. Fresno City College won the tournament with a team score of 154.5.

Pedro Sarabia (125 pounds) was 4-2 on the day. He beat Chris Vengoechea (Cerritos College) 7-1, Kevin Valdez (East Los Angeles) 9-1, Shaun DeVisscher (Sacramento City College) 8-4, and Nick Miller (Cuesta College) 5-3.

Ivan Rodriguez (125) beat Felipe Lemus Servin (Sacramento) by technical fall over 17-0. He lost his other two matches, giving him a 1-2 record on the day.

Norman Abas (125) was 5-2 on the day and placed fifth. He beat Kevin Pelligrini (Cerritos) by pin, Oscar Preciado (Victor Valley) by pin, Michael LeFuel (Shasta) by pin, Christian Carbajal (Sacramento) by pin, and Jonathan Atherton (Mt. Sac) by pin.

Torrey Casper (133) finished with a record of 3-3 placing in sixth. Casper beat Anthony Alldread (Cerritos) by pin, Tyler Poalillo (Santa Rosa) 8-4, and Jonas Tirado (West Hills) by pin.

Silvester Alfaro Jr. (149) beat Jesus Aispuro (Cerritos) 12-2, but Alfaro was 1-2 on the day.

Gustavo Velasquez (157) beat Sergio Preciado (Victor Valley) 7-4, and he also beat Nathan Pimentel (West Hills) by injury default. Velasquez lost his other two matches, making him 2-2 on the day.

Armando Saldana Jr. (165) beat Oliver Elizalde (Cerritos) 11-6, and he also beat Pasha Sabet (East LA) 10-5. Saldana lost two other matches, bringing him to 2-2 on the day.

Jacob Maas (174) was 5-2 on the day, and he placed fifth. Maas beat Skyler Robles (West Hills) 8-5, Alex Briano (Sacramento) 4-2, Grant Biral (Cuesta) 15-5, Luis Jauregui (Fresno) 9-3, and Isaiah Smith (Sacramento) 8-6)

Christian Espinoza (197) finished at 2-2. Espinoza beat Alex Juarez (Modesto) by pin, and he also beat Adam Darvish (Modesto) 3-1.

Jose Robledo (197) finished at 3-2. Robledo beat Jason Zecchini (Sacramento) 4-3, William Robinson (Shasta) 10-0, and Jay Johnson (Fresno) 4-2.

Jason Dibble (285) finished at 2-2. Dibble beat Anthony Florido (East LA) by pin, and he also beat Casey Jones (Fresno) 8-6.

Josh Davis (285) finished at 2-2. Davis beat Christopher Valois (Victor Valley) by pin, and he also beat Barry Gee (Cerritos) 11-1.

The BC wrestling team competed in the Santa Ana tournament on Oct. 3. BC placed 10th in the tournament with a team score of 26.5.

Fresno won the tournament with a team score of 163.5. The tournament had 24 teams competing some being the B or C team of their school.

All BC individual wrestlers failed to place in the top four in all of the weight classes.

The BC wrestling team travels to Modesto to compete in a tournament on Oct. 10, and they will travel to Cerritos to compete in another tournament on Oct. 17.

Head coach Brett Clark will not be present at Cerritos on Oct. 17 as he’ll be in Greece to wrestle.