Field house gets face lift

Daulton James Jones, Reporter

The Facilities, Maintenance and Operations department repainted and put in new lockers for the sports teams to use.

Before they renovated the field house, the lockers were pretty old, and a handful of them actually didn’t work. Some wouldn’t even close.

Some wouldn’t lock correctly. The big red lockers had been there for years.

The field house was also subject to a number of thefts last year. Many of the athletes have reported stories about how themselves or someone they know had phones, wallets, books and other items stolen out of their lockers.

“The renovations to the field house took about roughly three weeks to complete,” said William Potter, head of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations.

Old lockers were removed, and new taller lockers were put in.

There’s one locker on the bottom for athletes can bring their own lock to put in items, and there’s a locker at the top to put valuables into.

That locker on the top uses a PIN number to insure the safety of belongings.

Many of the athletes seem to like the new lockers, especially because their belongings are safer.

The project was mainly funded by the BC Helmet Club.