BC hosts International Soccer Challenge

Kyle Cortez, Managing Editor

Monarcas Morelia defeated the defending Clausura champion CF Pachuca 3-2 in the second annual International Soccer Challenge in front of thousands of fans at BC’s Memorial Stadium on Oct. 9.

Morelia scored three goals in the first half. Miguel Sansores scored all the goals for Morelia and they were scored in the 11th, 19th, and 43rd minutes.

José Ramírez scored the first goal for Pachuca in the 13th minute. Juan Calero scored the second goal for Pachuca in the 66th minute.

Many fans were waving flags, honking horns, and hitting on drums throughout the entire game, showing their support for their favorite team.

“The truth is we really didn’t know who we were going to see or how many people. We’re very happy that there was a lot of people here,” said Morelia defender Hugo Isaác Rodriguez through a translator. “It was great here. We’re very happy to be here and we’re very excited to have had the invitation.”

Hugo Isaác Rodriguez also went on to say that this game helps them in their league by helping them stay in a rhythm and continue on to their other games for the rest of the season.

“It was really good. We’re very happy for all the people that came out here and supported us,” said Morelia goalkeeper Carlos Felipe Rodríguez through a translator. “I think the people here have always supported us and anytime they came out it’s always a great ambiance, and they’re always following the team wherever we go.”

Carlos Felipe Rodríguez went on to say that that this game was good for them because they have five really important games coming up and they have to have the most points to move up.

Pachuca is currently second in the Apertura Liga MX with 24 points. Morelia is currently sitting in 14th with 16 points.