Volleyball hopes to remain focused

Sam L. Jaime, Reporter

The Bakersfield College women’s volleyball team has entered conference play on a dominant run.

The team has outscored its opponents 483-216 on the way to a 6-game win streak dating back to Sept. 24.

During that stretch, the team has not only won 18 of its last 20 sets but has shutout opponents in four straight matches.

“We haven’t changed anything. The players have just pinned their ears back, worked very hard, and they’ve been great learners. On the other side of mindful learning is consistent high-level performances,” said coach Carl Ferreira.

To this point, the journey toward success has come with having to endure a few rough patches, including a tough, five-game losing streak and a .500 beginning to the season.

“In the beginning of the season, the team played hard but was not able to execute their assignments efficiently, because they were still learning, thinking too much, and adapting to our system,” said Ferreira.

“Fast forward to our current situation in mid-October, and we are now a synchronized team capable of executing game plans consistently and playing freely.”

The upcoming schedule has four of the last seven matches being played at home, beginning Oct. 19.

“We love playing at home because we have great fans,” said Ferreira. “This is a great team for fans to come out and support.”

Focus remains the key to the team’s success as a potential playoff berth seems to be in the near future.

“The biggest challenge is being fully present in the now, not taking what you’re doing and where you are for granted,” said Ferreira.

“We’ll focus on the match in front of us. We’ll focus on winning the day, and these fantastic young ladies will be ready to compete on game day.”