Men’s soccer begins season with a tie

Franco Castelo, Reporter

The Bakersfield College men’s soccer team had their first game on Friday, August 24 in LA Harbor. Though the game was just a scrimmage, the game went well and ended in a tie. Both teams worked diligently and made excellent plays from the defensive side to the offensive side. For some of the Renegades, it was their first collegiate game with an opposing team but they had many players step up in crucial moments and win individual battles. The Renegades have a strong defense but also played a well-balanced team and that is well coached.

Jose Lara, a midfielder, said the team had many opportunities to do more but had a good start as far as getting a feel of the game and playing as a team. Lara scored the point to tie the game and was assisted by Alejandro Guzman.

“The team played solid and moved the ball well around the field,” Lara said.

Coach Vayron Martinez, the Men’s Soccer Coach, said the team played with a lot of enthusiasm and has a positive outlook into the future.

“However, there’s still a lot of work to be done and we will continue to train hard and improve in every aspect of the game,” Coach Martinez said. Although the game was a tie, The Renegades responded well and will continue to fight hard throughout this season.