Renegade football team faces loss during Orange County game

Malachi Parker, Reporter

The Renegades went on the road to Orange County on Sept. 22 for a non-conference game against the Golden West Rustlers and unfortunately ended up on the losing side of a low scoring game, that ended 11-13.

The Renegades had several drives that were stalled in the red zone, therefore having to settle for three each possession. The Rustlers were able to punch it into the end zone but missed the extra point and their touchdown was matched with two field goals, leaving the halftime score all even at six.

Halfway through the third, the Renegades put another three points on the board with yet another field goal by Nathan De Jager who went three for three on the day. The Rustlers answered right back with a 78-yard drive and took the lead 13-9.

In the fourth quarter, BC quarterback Josh Medina left the game with a leg injury. The Renegade defense was able to hold their ground with several forced punts, a safety, and interceptions by LJ Early and Jalen Simpkins however. The offense was unable to capitalize on opportunities and the game ended with Golden West barely escaping with a win.