Women’s volleyball starts strong


Emily Clark puts up a huge block against Mt. San Antonio

Mariah Olivarez, Reporter

Get ready for another exciting Lady Renegades Volleyball Season. The Lady Gades start this season off with their first win against Mount San Antonio last Saturday on Aug. 31 in our very the BC gym.

The Lady Gades volleyball team battled in three sets to their first victory of the season.

In the first set BC had no struggles and breezed through with a score of 25-8, leading into the second set which became a little bit of a battle, Mount San Antonio would not let BC get more than three points ahead of them. At the beginning of the second set BC began to struggle with back to back points, yet they managed to take the second set with the score of 25-20. In the final set, the Lady Gades fought hard with Mount S. Antonio to end the game with a score of 25-21.

Sophomore Lanie Camarillo lead the stats with twelve overall kills while Freshman Alyson Dees lead with three blocks and Jessica Merante, (Sophomore), and Penelope Zepeda, (Sophomore), lead with seventeen digs all together.

When fans entered the gymnasium, they could feel the rush of excitement the crowd had for the new season, although nobody was more exhilarated for the very first game than BC.

The chemistry between the team was as if they have been playing together for years, not just weeks of long, hard, and exhausting practices. Every player gave the same effort and respect to one another it was hard to tell who has been in the game and who just came into college territory.

“Playing together for the first time with fifty percent of the team being sophomores and the other fifty percent being freshmen, you would’ve never been able to tell their skill level apart. That’s what makes the BC volleyball program so monumental, we’re in sync, we’re ALL IN.” stated player Destiny Nobriga after the amazing triumph.

Every point BC acquired had the team rallying even louder than the pleased crowd. As soon as the game started the sparks clicked and they became one moving in sync.

The communication was strong, in that moment it created a bond that was undefeatable once they started going there was no stopping them. Even though the struggles there was not one frown upon the teams face, they stuck together, held their heads high, kept their composure and played till the very end.

It is best to say that the Lady Renegades will yet again not disappoint anyone this season.