Brown leaves the NFL

Tyler Frost, Reporter

Antonio Brown is still making headlines, and we should not be surprised.

My NFL Column on the last edition of the Rip featured a story about Antonio Brown forcing his way out of Oakland to join the New England Patriots. After 11 short days, the Patriots released the troubled wide receiver after two allegations of sexual misconduct were placed on Brown.

Following his release, Brown went on a grammatical error-filled Twitter tirade stating he will no longer be playing in the NFL. Brown is leaving the game on his terms, naming his contract guarantees being voided as the primary reason. Despite this, we can be certain that the league’s biggest diva would have trouble finding a job with charges pending against him.

Antonio Brown’s former trainer accused him of sexual acts of misconduct dating back to 2017 and was followed by a second woman accusing Brown just a week later.

His second accuser released threatening messages that Brown sent to her after the accusations were made public. The gravity of the threats proved to be the final straw that the Patriots would tolerate.

Brown was released so early into his contract, that his guarantees were lost as he didn’t meet game requirements.

He feels that this is an issue the NFL Player’s Association should investigate, but AB has nobody to blame but himself and much larger investigations to worry about.

The helmet controversy seems like it took place a thousand years ago and is minuscule in comparison to what has transpired since AB signed with New England.

As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I was willing to accept the baggage Brown carried in order to watch the All-Pro wideout play on Sundays, but his conduct has become toxic and unbearable.

No. 84 for the Pittsburgh Steelers was once considered to be an idol in the eyes of fans, myself included. He is one of the most skilled receivers we’ve ever seen.

From 2012-2017, Brown dominated the stat sheet with a five-year statistical run comparable to the great Jerry Rice.

There are no ceilings when it comes to Antonio Brown’s talent, but his lack of good character has managed to contaminate the room.

Brief stints with the Raiders and Patriots are reminiscent of short Kardashian marriages, and Antonio Brown’s behavior during that time frame will likely tarnish his legacy.

We would like to remember him for his elite play, but it has been overshadowed by the fact that he turned himself into an unpredictable ticking-time-bomb.

Though the NFL’s investigation of Brown is not yet concluded, we can expect that he will not be in the NFL anytime soon.

The downfall of Antonio Brown has been an ugly saga to watch unfold. Brown is one of the greatest pass catchers to ever touch the turf.

Unfortunately, his terrible actions have added an asterisk next to his name on a fading Hall of Fame resume.

Though we miss the acrobatic sideline receptions and the elite route running abilities AB possessed, the National Football League will be better off without his antics.

Antonio Brown once had a Hall of Fame case but became the biggest head-case football has ever seen.