BC volleyball triumphs over West LA

Jocelyn Sandusky, Reporter

The BC Renegades volleyball team triumphed over the West LA Wildcats in a home game on Nov. 6. The Renegades swiftly defeated their opponents in a three-game sweep and claimed the Western State Conference South Championship for the fourth year in a row.

The Renegades won with ease in their first two sets, finishing 25-8 and 25-6 respectively. The women remained concentrated with every new serve and played with confidence.

Jocelyn Sandusky

As the game progressed, the Wildcats began to look frustrated as they continually misjudged plays and misfired on several accounts. They seemed fatigued by the end of the first set. Their entire roster was on the court throughout the whole game as they did not have any other players to substitute in.

In the third and final set, the Renegades struggled to keep the Wildcats at bay.

For the first time in the game, the Wildcats seemed like a threat as they went on a 9-5 run. But the Renegades remained composed and were able to pull away and win the set 25-16.

Penelope Zepeda led the Renegades with 11 kills in a single night. Sophia Palm and Francesca Hernandez each contributed 18 assists. And with 18 digs, Jessica Merante was responsible for a quarter of the night’s digs.

After their next game, the Renegades will enter a brief hiatus before they head into the post-season.