BC Athletics program welcomes R. Todd Littlejohn

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Digital Editor

Bakersfield College welcomed R. Todd Littlejohn, former Bakersfield High School Driller and BC Renegade, as the new head coach for football at the beginning of the spring 2020 semester.

During, Littlejohn’s time as a Renegade he majored in sociology and later transferred to West Texas State [where he had a great career] and Fresno State.

While Littlejohn finished up his degree at Fresno State he played baseball and then once he graduated he immediately started coaching. He then later coached at Porterville College and then he attended Missouri State to earn his Master’s degree.

“That [his degree in sociology] has also helped so much, because as a coach you wear so many different hats, and counseling is one of them and I have been an at risk counselor as well,” Littlejohn said.

During, Littlejohn’s time as an at risk counselor he said that he enjoyed being able to help at risk boys, both on and off the field and helping the boys also helped him.

Throughout Littlejohn’s career he moved throughout the country and coached several different teams and helped many great athletes throughout the years.

Before Littlejohn accepted his offer to be head coach at BC he coached several university teams and helped coach NFL teams such as the New York Giants and the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to the BC Athletics website. Littlejohn also helped coach the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Canadian Football league.

“It’s so cool [being able to work with NFL teams], now you can take some of those things and implement them to where you are now. Like in this case, both organizationally and with the players to become more efficient,” Littlejohn said.

Jeff Chudy was Littlejohn’s predecessor and he served as BC’s head football coach for 15 years. Carl Dean, the team’s current offensive coordinator, coached alongside Chudy for his time at BC.

“Chudy was very direct, in terms of his expectations and what he wanted to see us do offensively. He was a good guy to work for and he took a chance on me as a young coach and throughout the years I have learned from him,” Dean said.

During, the 2020 football season Dean expects some changes, because of the new coaching staff, but he stated that with Littlejohn there is a certain energy and excitement.

“Each head coach brings a different type of leadership style and coach Littlejohn has got a lot of energy and excitement about the program and I am excited about his passion,” Dean said.