Los Angeles Laker win the first game in the NBA Finals against Miami Heat

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat played the 2020 NBA Finals on Sept. 30 and the virtual seats were filled!

Fearless, lots of energy, both teams did what they had to do. Nothing like playing against a team you have a history with, as in Lebron James, former Miami Heat superstar. Anthony Davis and James lead the first quarter strong. The score was 23-12 halfway through the first quarter with Miami up by 11 points.

Davis answered with a drive after being double-teamed, he scored. Good defense from Miami, but James came up with the steal and hard pass back to Davis to finish another point coming into the end of the first quarter. The score was 28-28 Miami vs. Los Angeles for the end of the first quarter.

Starting off the second quarter with execution, the Lakers lead Miami 34-32. Jimmy Butler, from Miami Heat, started off with a couple of 3-pointers. Danny Green from the Lakers then follows with more 3-pointers. Halfway through the second quarter, Green gives a nice pass to Davis leading with another 3-pointer. The score is 43-44 Lakers up by one.

The score was 65-48, for halftime, with the Lakers with the lead.

Butler came out strong from halftime with a 3-pointer for Miami Heat. Davis with a terrific first-half scoring a total of 18 points for the Lakers. Davis stumbles but Danny Green comes out with the save and 3-pointer still at the beginning of the third quarter.

Lebron James back into the game with his greatness leads the Lakers by 24 then 26 with a fast pass to Anthony Davis. Bam Adebayo drew a foul and hurt his left shoulder in the fall. He was out for the rest of the game. Halfway into the third quarter, the Lakers were up by 30 points 85-35.

James went inside, goes reverse left-handed for the point coming into the fourth quarter with a score of 93-67.

Andre Iguodala came in strong with the drop of triple 3-pointers helping Miami move forward. The 30-point lead was cut down to 20, 95-75, Lakers still with the lead. Miami Heat came in strong at the beginning of the game with a 13-point lead and ended up being down 22 points against the Lakers halfway into the fourth quarter.

Less than five minutes to the end of the fourth quarter, Lebron was dropping bombs and dunking with a score of 107-85-point lead for the Lakers. The sweat, adrenaline, and everything starts to speed up.

Excellent plays and a dominant victory for the Los Angeles Lakers ending the NBA Finals game one with a score of 116-98.

NBA Finals Game two premieres Oct. 2, at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time.