BC Athletics launches Gades Club to help provide financial assistance

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Athletics Department has announced a new program called Gades Club on Oct. 30 to help support and provide financial assistance with BC student-athletes and the Renegade alumnus.
According to the official BC Athletics website, “Since 1922 Renegade Athletics has served as a launching pad for thousands upon thousands of student-athletes who have gone on to professional careers both in their respective sports and off the playing field. The newly announced Gades Club is a way for community donors to support Bakersfield College student-athletes as they continue their academic and athletic careers at one of the most well-respected community colleges in the country.”
Due to COVID-19 regulations, many college campuses had to close and could not hold many games or sports events.
Many Renegade student-athlete billboards have been placed around Bakersfield to promote the athletics at BC. However, the Gades Club provides a way for former Renegade alumni and current student-athletes to come together and be celebrated for their hard and termination and is considered to be an association.
According to Reggie Bolton, Athletic Director and Interim Dean of Kinesiology said, “the Gades Club is the first of its kind here at BC and it was brought together to help support the student-athletes, but also to honor the BC Renegade alumni.”
“Participation in college athletics had long been a training ground for life lessons that transcend sports,” said Bolton. “What our student-athletes learn in their time here will stick with them through their entire lives. We appreciate the long-standing relationships and support the Bakersfield community has provided throughout the years. With the introduction of the Gades Club, we are looking to maintain a strong connection with that community and our Renegade alumni well into the future”
“Some of the Gades Club projects that are coming along include re-establishing the Athlete Hall of Fame at BC and hosting an award night for athletes sometime near the spring,” Bolton said.
The Gades Club donations would provide financial support towards the Renegade Athlete Hall of Fame and future projects such as awards and ceremonies for the student-athletes.