Op-ed: LA looks to the Rams to complete trifecta

Mark Armendariz-Gonzales, Reporter

With two championships under their belt already in 2020, the city of LA hopes that the Rams can complete the trifecta.
Although 2020 has been a nightmare for most due to Covid-19, it has been a blessing for LA sports teams. Whatever the reason may be, LA teams can not but help make a trip to title town this year.
The LA Championship run started back in October when the Lakers defeated Miami Heat to lift their 17th NBA Championship.
Before the Lakers celebration could even die down, LA has gifted their second championship of the year when the Dodgers took down the Tampa Bay Rays to win their 7th World Series title later that month.
These championships were long overdue for both teams, with the Lakers having gone without a title since 2010 and the Dodgers since 1988.
Although LA fans are in high spirits with their two championships this year, they certainly crave more.
The most likely candidate to keep this championship run going has got to be the Rams.
The Rams currently had a record of 7-3 and sit atop the NFC West.
The Rams also seem to be very aware of LA’s three-peat hopes.
“It would be good to make it a little three-peat with us involved. It’s definitely something we’re conscious of,” quarterback Jared Goff said, in an interview with NBC Sports.
Not only do the Rams have the whole city of LA rooting for them, but LA’s two championship teams also have their back.
According to TMZ, Lakers player, Kyle Kuzma tweeted at the Rams saying, “You know what to do.”
And in his interview with NBC Sports, Goff revealed that he sent a text to Dodgers first baseman Cody Bellinger, congratulating him on his championship win.
Bellinger replied by saying “It’s your turn now.”
With all-LA supporting them, all the Rams have to do is build on what they have started this season and not have any setbacks.
One important issue the Rams need to fix in the coming weeks is the kicker situation. The Rams are currently on their third kicker of the season and they need to pick someone who is consistent when it comes to kicking field goals.
Another issue that needs to be dealt with is the mistakes of Goff. Even though Goff is having a pretty good season, there are too many times when he causes fumbles or interceptions in important moments in the game. Ball security and smart throws are definitely something Goff needs to improve on.
On the bright side, there are many factors of the Rams that are looking terrific at the moment.
The Rams defense has been an unstoppable machine the last few weeks. They have currently ranked the number one defense in the NFL according to ESPN.
Key figures being Jalen Ramsey, John Johnson III, Michael Brockers, and of course two-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald.
The Rams offensive weapons have also been very dynamic.
The Ram’s wide receivers and tight ends have all been putting in work these last few games and the running backs have finally started establishing a run game this season.
Key figures being Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Higbee, Malcolm Brown, and Josh Reynolds.
If the correct adjustments are made and consistency is present, there is no doubt that the Rams can bring LA its first-ever Super Bowl title and prove that LA is indeed the city of champions.