BC women’s basketball loses to Antelope Valley with a 51-55 final score


Nick Ellis/BC Athletics

BC Women’s Basketball player, Laura Arciga (1), during the March 27 game.

Jaylene Collins, Reporter

The Bakersfield College’s women basketball team lost to Antelope Valley with a score of 51-55 on March 27. 

Antelope Valley got a lead quick in the first quarter, but the Renegades did not let up. The first half of the game ended with a tie of 22-22.

The tie brought an intense second half. The Renegades upped their offense and scored 29 points. They fought valiantly but in the end, fell 4 points short. This loss brings the Renegades’ overall to 4-4. 

The women’s basketball team’s final game will be April 1, available for viewing on the BC Athletics website.