BC football falls short once again

Amanda Hernandez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Renegades fell short Saturday night against Mt. Sac, ending the game with a score of 10-23.

As the game kicked off, the Renegades came in strong and it appeared that they were ready to execute what they practiced.

BC football player pushes against Mt. Sac player during the action of the football game on September 24
Wide Receiver Demario Strong puts up a strong fight in attempt to keep his team in the game. (Amanda Hernandez)

During the first half, Bakersfield College fought hard to stay within the rhythm of the game. Player Jihad Marks made a crowd striking diving catch benefiting his team and attempting to help contribute to their success.

In the second quarter, BC took advantage after the opposing team fumbled. WR Daylon Leach sprinted directly into the end zone and awaited a pass from his team member.

After his catch, many of his teammates celebrated the play by jumping around and patting him on the back.

However, as the game went on, they struggled to put points on the board, and in return the opposing team continued to lay down the ball.

In the second half, Bakersfield College didn’t have any beneficial plays, keeping only ten points on the board at the finish of the fourth quarter

To get a closer look at what the players need to do going forward, freshman CB Craig Royal stated, “I think we need to treat every practice like a game. When we come to practice with great energy it shows in how we execute, and if we come to each practice with that mindset, it will be second nature in the game.”