Women Renegades slams the Bobcats

Nadeen Maniord, Reporter

The women Renegades further their advancement in the Regional Team Quarters after gaining a substantial lead 7-2 in their April 11 match against the Saddleback Bobcats.

Nadeen Maniord

Hosted at Bakersfield College, the teams went head to head beginning with the doubles team. At the college level, doubles will proceed to go first and a total of three doubles pairs will go. Each pair is ranked from one to three, in order to maintain a level of fairness for the matches.

In the number one doubles match, both Greta Krueger and Kiana Lua paired against Sydney Grove and Ainsley Beresford. Ultimately for this match Krueger and Lua overcame the bobcats and won 8-5. All three pairs of tennis players in doubles would win their doubles matches.

For the single matches, six girls, ranked from one to six, competed one on one. The women Renegades, Greta Kruegar, Kiana Lua, Grecia De La Cruz, Hannah Purvis, Abigail Reimer, and Sara Vargas all cheered together with a chant before beginning their singles. A chant is common with teams before players begin to play.

All singles matches except for the number two singles, had won their matches against Saddleback. Giving the Bobcats a crushing defeat, that would make its playoff come to an end.

BC’s women’s tennis team because of this win would further advance in the playoffs, and are due to keep going against teams until a loss puts them out of the competition.

The women Renegades have fought hard for their place, and show further growth in the sport of tennis.