BC student keeps modeling career in focus


Alisia Sanchez

Terronez has an active blog that can be found at berlinswall.tumblr.com

Elizabeth Castillo, Reporter

At the age of 22, Cheyenne Berlin Terronez pursues her dreams with passion and dedication as she models professionally, aspires to be a doctor, and attends Bakersfield College.

Terronez, a biology student at BC, began modeling by chance two years ago. She had no previous modeling experience and had no desire to pursue it at the time.

“Two years ago, a photographer approached me and asked if I wanted to do a photo shoot,” she said. “At first I was skeptical, of course. I looked him up and decided to do the photo shoot. Two months later [my modeling] skyrocketed.”

While Terronez was not actively trying to pursue a modeling career, she realized she could tell stories through conceptual modeling work and her dancing background made her eager to give modeling a shot.

“I used to be a dancer, so being a part of stories I could pour my heart into is what made me fall in love with artistic modeling,” she said.

Once Terronez realized how much she enjoyed modeling, she began to promote herself through social media and said marketing herself is a very important aspect of modeling.

“It’s easy for me to promote myself now. You have to do it daily and constantly be on social media and having ways for people to be able to find you,” she said.

When Terronez first started modeling, she faced negative criticism about her physical appearance, but has since overcome the obstacles and models regularly for different photographers.

“The main thing I was told was that I won’t go far,” she said. “I have a big nose, wide eyes and I’m too short. But now I’m everywhere. You need to be aggressive and know you can do it.”

While Terronez mostly works in southern California, her modeling hits home, as she will be the focus of an art exhibition held at The Empty Space in November. She continues work on the exhibition with her team, which includes a photographer, assistant and makeup artist.

Terronez said the exhibition depicts the private demons she’s dealt with over the past two years.

“The series is my personal story that I can share through modeling and art. I’ve been dealing with rough, emotional battles over the last two years and it’s been stressful. This series has brought me closure,” she said.

Terronez realizes that many models have a short career, but her career goals extend beyond modeling as she hopes to one day become an emergency room physician. Childhood experiences concerning her grandmother helped her realize the importance of ER doctors.

“I was younger and my grandmother was sick with cervical cancer. She had to go into the ER and the doctors were doing what they could to keep her alive for as long as possible,” she said.

After watching ER doctors do everything they could for her grandmother, Terronez said that her primary goal is to help others. She has already begun that mission as she currently serves as a volunteer for the Red Cross.

As a biology major and model, Terronez said that she’s met many other models with beauty and brains.

“I’ve met so many intelligent models that are going to college and modeling on the side. Models are humans too. They just have a different type of job,” she said.

Although Terronez enjoys the success she’s earned as a model, she knows her education comes first.

“When I was growing up, my parents – my father especially – pushed education on me,” she said. “As long as you’re inspired, dedicated and motivated to do so, you can go far with an education.”

From modeling to medicine, Terronez believes an individual can succeed in any of their life goals as long as they’re dedicated.

“Whether it’s the modeling industry or anything else, you have to get your foot in the door,” she said. “Stay motivated and don’t put your head down and think you can’t do it.”