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Netflix’s “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” leaves audience wanting more

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

April 29, 2020

At first glance, Netflix’s new anime series “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” contained an animation style that was a major disappointment. However, it was quickly forgiven due to an intriguing storyline that proved a second season is a must. The series was a sequel to the original classic (1991) manga and the (1995) anime “Ghost in the Shell” by manga artist Masamu...

Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever” is Binge worthy

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

April 29, 2020

Netflix launched a new coming of age show, “Never Have I Ever,” that was released on April 27 created by actress Mindy Kaling that was hilarious and delightful. Kaling has also created and starred in Fox’s “The Mindy Project,” as well as several other comedy shows. “Never Have I Ever” gave viewers a look into the life of a 16-year-old Indian American girl nam...

“Outer Banks”: A modern day treasure hunt

Dunia Cantu, Reporter

April 29, 2020

If you like mystery, action and coming of age shows, “Outer Banks” on Netflix is the one to watch. It has been on Netflix’s top ten list in the United States. The show takes place in the Outer Banks, which is the barrier island of North Carolina and Virginia. It follows a group of friends John B (Chase Stokes), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and...

Netflix’s “Money Heist” was given life after death

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

April 13, 2020

Netflix released part four of the Spanish show “Money Heist,” originally named “La Casa de Papel,” on April 3.  Part four continues right where part three left off. Nairobi (Alba Flores) was shot in the final episode of the third part and the gang must do whatever they can to attempt to save her in the fourth part.  The first half of the season was boring. ...

Which streaming service is best to use right now

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

March 25, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, people have been shut into their homes leaving them with much more time on their hands than normal. This is the time to binge watch favorite shows and movie sequels. Many streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu have seen an increase in subscriptions amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Lately many of the streaming services like ...

Netflix’s “Freud” is worth watching if you can handle it

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

March 25, 2020

Netflix’s original series “Freud,” came out on March 23. It is a fictional story on the life of Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist who founded psychoanalysis.  Netflix revamps Freud and turns the neurologist into a detective with magical powers. This turns the show into an interesting murder mystery thriller -- though it is more of a mystery for the cast  as t...

“ELITE” Season three ends with a shocker

Dunia Cantu, Reporter

March 25, 2020

“ELITE” came back to Netflix with its highly anticipated third season and brought back its fan-favorite cast. The show is a popular mystery and drama series from Spain. Ever since its premiere in 2018, the show has consistently shown how much drama and mystery it has.  In the first season, it showed how wealthy every student is in Las Encinas except for three who can go ...

Review: “Self-made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker”

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

March 24, 2020

Netflix's limited series "Self-made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker," premiered on March 20. It is based on the true story of Madam C.J. Walker, born with the name Sarah Breedlove.  Breedlove was the first woman to become a self-made millionaire. She grew up in difficult times losing her parents at a young age, being orphaned by the age of seven. She was the first ...

Op-ed: What to do when tired of Netflix

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

March 16, 2020

The pending Coronavirus has forced many people indoors and in order to prevent boredom, many people may choose to binge their favorite movies or tv shows on Netflix. While Netflix does offer various options to choose from, a person can only watch it for so long before they get tired of it.  If this happens or has happened to you, there are many other alternatives that will he...

Netflix’s new reboot of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” brings a dark twist

Miranda Defoor, Web & Social Media Editor

November 9, 2018

A new take on the 90’s sitcom, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” took off on Netflix after its release. Though the new series features Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), her aunts Hilda and Zelda (Lucy Davis and Miranda Otto), and her cat Salem - it is based on the 2014 comic of the same name, a darker version, and not merely a lighthearted remake of the old show. The show takes...

“American Vandal” keeps momentum in new season

Ruben Lira, Reporter

September 27, 2018

“American Vandal” has released an amazing second season on Netflix. The show is a mockumentary series created by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda. It is a parody of true crime documentaries such as “Making a Murderer” and “Serial.” The season starts after the events of the second season in which two students Peter (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam (Griffin Gluck) helped a stud...

Netflix original show’s are affecting the way Americans watch television, PRO

Mason Rockfellow, Photo Editor

October 21, 2015

Since Netflix has entered into the streaming realm, weekly episodes cable and local television stations seem to be losing the viewer’s interest with Netflix now producing its own series. I hate when a new show comes out or the season premiere of a show that you have been watching comes out. The first episodes are always slow and leave you hanging, only for you to wait...

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