Review: “Hubie Halloween” is an average film

Mark Armendariz-Gonzales, Reporter

Adam Sandler starred in the new Halloween-centered Netflix comedy “Hubie Halloween” released on Oct. 7.
This film was set in Salem, Massachusetts during Halloween, and follows the town’s fool Hubie Dubois. Hubie was bullied and hated by the majority of the town, but when townsfolk start disappearing, it is up to Hubie to solve the case.
The film stars Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Steve Buscemi, and many others.
It is exciting to hear that Sandler made another holiday-themed movie after so many years. His last holiday-themed movie was the 2002 animated film “Eight Crazy Nights” which focused on Hanukkah.
Unfortunately, “Hubie Halloween” was nowhere near as good as its predecessor.
“Hubie Halloween” felt like a bunch of leftover jokes from previous Sandler films put into a Halloween centered plot.
Once again, Sandler played a goofy and stupid man-child who overreacted to every little thing and was constantly talking in a gibberish voice. Even though Sandler found success with this type of character in his older films, he has lost its charm.
This was Sandler’s first movie since playing his critically acclaimed role of Howard Ratner in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems,” and it is very disappointing to see his acting skills make a complete 180.
The humor in the film is nothing special or new. It is filled with cheap sex, vomit, and fart jokes. This type of humor is something we have seen in Sandler’s last couple of Happy Madison films and at this point, it just comes off as lazy writing.
The plot of the story is also very disappointing. The movie was built up with great set designs that gave off amazing spooky season vibes and it took place in Salem, a town known for its history of witch trials, but the plot of the film does nothing with these elements.
The plot felt like it belonged in a goofy Sherlock Holmes film more than a Halloween one.
The film was not completely awful. James and Bowen were indeed standouts. Both actors gave great performances and were funny at times.
Another highlight of this film is the nostalgic vibes it brings to longtime Sandler fans. The film had many easter eggs and references to past Sandler films such as “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison.”
“Hubie Halloween” was a film with an ok script, lazy jokes, and just something audiences have seen 100 times before.
This film was a missed opportunity by Sandler and Netflix at making a new classic Halloween film.