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Smoking policy: Is it a good idea or a bad idea? (Con)

Smoking policy: Is it a good idea or a bad idea? (Con)

Joe Bergman, Photo Editor

March 1, 2016

It is important to know where one is coming from before you read their opinion on something as unique as a smoking policy. I was medically retired after...

Smoking policy: Is it a good idea or a bad idea? (Pro)

Smoking policy: Is it a good idea or a bad idea? (Pro)

AK Pachla, Copy Editor

March 1, 2016

By now, you’ve likely heard about the smoking ban on campus. It isn’t set in stone yet, but the way everything is looking, it seems all but a done...

Netflix original show’s are affecting the way Americans watch television, PRO

Mason Rockfellow, Photo Editor

October 21, 2015

Since Netflix has entered into the streaming realm, weekly episodes cable and local television stations seem to be losing the viewer’s interest with Netflix now producing its own series. I hate when a new show comes out or the season premiere of a show that you have been watching comes out. The first episodes are always slow and leave you hanging, only for you to wait...

Netflix original show’s are affecting the way Americans watch television, CON

Chris Miller, Reporter

October 21, 2015

Many people consider Netflix to be the superior entertainment option over TV because Netflix provides a wide variety of its own original series only viewable through Netflix on top of already aired TV shows. But what those people seem to forget is, most of the shows that people enjoy watching on Netflix originated from TV, not Netflix. Sure, Netflix has some awesome original...

Caged animal debate goes on as circus comes to town

Mason J. Rockfellow, Giovanni Lopez, Photo Editor, Reporter

September 10, 2015

Pro There are all types of unique things that come to town with the circus, that if it wasn’t for the circus, you wouldn’t get to see or experience them. Exotic animals are one of the things I am talking about. You don’t usually get the chance to see a tiger, lion, or an elephant outside of a cage, man-made habitat or out from behind glass. Getting to see those big...

Pro-Con, Medical marijuana stirs up the community or not

Bertin Rodriguez, Sharida Rejon

May 7, 2014

Pro- With medical marijuana being such a hot topic nowadays, is it really as bad as most people say it is? When most people think about medical marijuana, they think about things tied to it, not the actual medicinal perks that it holds. It is not the medical marijuana’s fault that people rob dispensaries, or that crime rates go up in neighborhoods where dispensaries are...

Pro- Con Should athletes be allowed to display multiple colors?

April 23, 2014

Pro   Over the past couple of years, the sports world has seen some of its athlete role models turn from big time players to convicts. Criminals are not always gang members and that needs to be understood. Saying that a criminal is affiliated with gangs is stereotypical. A person with gang ties can be someone that grew up in a bad neighborhood and has friends ...

Pro Con Construction causes concern

Robert Mullen, Myrissa Johns, Editors

March 19, 2014

Pro Traffic congestion makes the widening a must do I am all for the widening of 24th Street because I believe that it needs to be done, regardless of what opponents might say. One of the primary reasons is the massive traffic problems. The street was not designed to handle the volume of cars that drive through that road every day either into or out of downtown, especia...

Pro- Con Free speech is a two-sided issue

Sharida Rejon, Rigoberto Lopez

March 5, 2014

Pro As I stand in the middle of a gigantic circle surrounded by people in the Free Speech area, I hear all kinds of profanity and negative comments being yelled at a young man in a bright orange shirt that reads “Jesus rebukes those He loves,” who is talking about God and the Bible. In case you are unaware of what is happening at Bakersfield College every Wednesday,...

Pro-Con, Entertainment, take two

Sharida Rejon, Elias C. Ahumada

February 20, 2014

Pro “Say hello to my little friend,” as Al Pacino said in the classic film “Scarface.” This quote has been very popular among movie fans for more than 31 years since its release in 1983. The film, which turned out to be an instant classic, was written and directed very well. There have been many other classic films, such as “Jaws,” “E.T.,” “Goodfellas,...

Pro- Con- Security concern in Sochi Olympics

By Elias C Ahumada and By Daniel Ojeda, Reporters

February 5, 2014

Pro With the Winter Olympics around the corner, athletes from all over the world are making final preparations. All the hard work, training, and sacrifice will be put to the test on the big stage, the Sochi 2014 Olympics, but the athletes competing in this year’s Olympic Games aren’t the only ones making final preparations. Some U.S. military troops are also getting...

Finals week: Let’s review

Graham C Wheat & Mayan Lara, Editor-in-Chief & Photo Editor

December 4, 2013

PRO   With the end of the semester quickly approaching, student minds tend to gravitate toward one singular purpose. The looming dread of finals is an omnipresent force that seems to hang like a carrot before a donkey, carting us either to oblivion or redemption. There can be many scenarios when it comes to the reactions and feelings toward finals that are ...

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