Netflix original show’s are affecting the way Americans watch television, PRO

Mason Rockfellow, Photo Editor

Since Netflix has entered into the streaming realm, weekly episodes cable and local television stations seem to be losing the viewer’s interest with Netflix now producing its own series.

I hate when a new show comes out or the season premiere of a show that you have been watching comes out. The first episodes are always slow and leave you hanging, only for you to wait a week for the next episode and almost for sure to leave you hanging once again.

When waiting a week and sometimes two weeks to see a new episode of a series, it’s absolutely unbearable to me.

Netflix has been producing its own series just like a cable or local television station, but what makes them different from all the other series is that you don’t have to wait a week or sometimes two weeks depending on if there is breaking news, some award show, or even a special Dateline episode is being shown during the time of your favorite show.

When Netflix puts out a series, they put all of the episodes out at the same time. That is awesome. This means not waiting a week for a new episode, not scheduling your life around your TV shows, and best of all it allows you to watch back-to-back episodes, and they leave it up to you where you want to be left hanging.

Netflix has come out with 39 series in the past three years.

I like to watch TV, but I hate waiting for new episodes, so Netflix hit me right in the heart, in a good way, when they started coming out with original series in 2012, starting first with its first “Lillyhammer.”

Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of “Lillyhammer,” but I knew there would be more and better to come since this was their first shot at putting a brand new series with all episodes available on the release date.

A few other Netflix series that I have enjoyed are “Orange is the New Black,” “Bloodline,” and “Arrested Development,” which was a continuation of a Fox series after eight years off of the air. To take the win for me in Netflix series is Marvel’s “Daredevil,” and the one that came out recently that caught my eye is “Narcos.”

Also, a Netflix subscription is a lot cheaper than purchasing cable on a monthly basis, even with the cost of the Internet.