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Professors prepare for finals

Crystal Roberts

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Finals week is always a busy and hectic time for many college students, but college professors also have to adapt to the new schedule of finals week, and also have to make certain preparations to make sure their final turns out successful.
Unlike many college students, history professor Ishmael Kimbrough does not dread finals or final week. In fact, professor Kimbrough explained that he actually likes finals week. “I like the focus that students show during finals week; stakes are usually high, so you have students acting the way they should act all semester.”
Kimbrough also explained how he prepares for finals week. “I drink a lot of fluids and stretch,” joked Kimbrough. “I don’t do a lot, I just make sure that in the weeks before my students are thoroughly prepared.”
Professor Kimbrough also explained that he has different final criteria for different classes. “I have take-home essays, in-class essays and standard multiple choice finals,” he said. Kimbrough explained that the final depends on the content that was taught in class. If a class is largely based on factual content or based on storyline or theory, different finals will be administered to different classes.
Psychology professor Lora Larkin agrees with Kimbrough, as she explained that she doesn’t dread finals because it is a good opportunity to recap on the whole semester. “As an instructor, it clarifies what you’ve taught and also clarifies what’s really going to help students long after they leave the class,” said Larkin.
Professor Larkin’s regimen for finals week does not involve a whole lot. “I have review activities for students and set aside time to meet with students,” she said.
Professor Larkin also explained the different criteria she has for her classes in a typical semester, and that most finals are short answer. Most of the time, study guides are given to the students. “If a class slacks off the entire semester, doesn’t come in on time, leaves early and has no class participation as a class, I won’t allow notes during the final,” said Larkin. Professor Larkin explained that if a class does have good participation and shows a real interest in the class itself, she will allow notes during the final.
Many Bakersfield College professors also take time out to prepare for finals, but don’t absolutely dread finals.

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Professors prepare for finals