Op-ed: Editors venture in San Francisco


We had the pleasure of attending the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) convention at the Hyatt Regency hotel in San Francisco on Feb. 27 through Feb. 29.

We had access to over 100 workshop sessions led by journalism industry professionals aimed at cultivating tools and knowledge to influence how we can approach journalism in the future. These sessions included all aspects of journalism, such as print, broadcast, marketing, digital media and advertising. Not only does it provide all of us with skills that we can put to use now as student journalists, it will also benefit us when we go into the professional field later.

When we were not immersed in back-to-back sessions, we were able to be tourists in a city that all of us had never been to before.

The editors enjoying the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on Feb. 29.


One of the many highlights of the trip has to be the escape room the three of us randomly signed up for after we got to our rooms the first night. When looking for something to do in the city we agreed on an escape room that was under half of a mile away from our hotel and we booked a time slot.

We would have gotten there on time, but we had settled on walking there instead of spending money on a lyft since it was a short distance. With only 30 minutes to get to the place, of course we got lost. We eventually made it there and began our adventure to try and escape the room that was set to be a cell in Alcatraz.

Anything that could have gone wrong went wrong, but it created a stronger bond between us girls that continues to carry on beyond the trip. It was easily one of the best tourist things we did.


From the moment we arrived in San Francisco to the car ride back I enjoyed the time that I spent with my friends.

But I would have to say that my highlights of the trip were going mini golfing and doing touristy things in the city with my friends.

On the second night in San Francisco we decided to go mini golfing at a place called Stagecoach Greens where we had the fun of mini golfing while being educated on the history of San Francisco.

On our way to the Stagecoach Greens we took a lyft and we drove by Oracle park, the Google company, and the Firefox company which were all pretty cool to see.

While we were mini golfing my peak was making a hole in one on the third hole, but unfortunately after that my skills went downhill.

During the trip our bond, not only as editors, but also as friends was strengthened.


I was afraid juggling work and play would be difficult considering how excited and eager I was to explore a bustling city. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t there for a vacation, I was there for an educational conference. Luckily, I love what I do and the workshops, seminars and panels I attended piqued my interest. As soon as the conference ended for the day, however, we bolted to the door to pack in as much as we could. I didn’t want to go on a trip where I would be locked in a conference or hotel room all day. I don’t need to make a five-hour drive to do that. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf. I witnessed a production crew film a scene for the upcoming “Matrix,” movie. I ate a 25 dollar burger and my friend got pooped on by a seagull. Sure, the last event could have happened anywhere, but all the others could only be experienced in San Francisco. I think we maintained a good balance.