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Terry Cranfill

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Dear Editor,

My family was extremely apalled today when we got your paper. I am not sure how your reporters check their facts. The problem is that in this story they did not do it correctly.
My brother did not die from a brain tumor. No one ever told the reporter that he died from a brain tumor. The death is pending and there have been no guesses or suggestions made to anyone about how he died. We appreciate that your paper did do a story. We are just upset that before printing this story the facts were not correct. My brother did many things for Bakersfield College and touched so many lives in his short time here. I believe that he deserves more respect than what he has received with this story. Please make the correction in your paper. I believe that your readers have the right to know the truth. Please print the truth. Thank you.
Mandie Cokley

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The news site of Bakersfield College
Terry Cranfill